Safe Chicken Coop Heaters – Keeping Your Chickens Cozy, While Being Safe

I’m not sure about your location, but here in Colorado it is still REALLY cold at night.

I really like to keep my chickens nice and cozy, but also not have the fire danger the typical heat lamps cause. So, that comes to the questions what is a good option for a safe chicken coop heater?

I’m going to help you out and tell you about one that I actually use, one that I, along with my girls (chickens) love!

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The #1 Chicken Coop Heater

Cozy Products CL Safe Chicken Coop Heater is my #1 go to!

The reason I love this so much is because It’s a flat panel so there is a lot of options for it as of space. I have one mounted on my coop wall, then another one on the floor of my coop because my girls love to snuggle against it. Safe Chicken Coop Heaters

It does get hot, but not hot to where you would need to worry. I still have my coop bedding in and the heater on top of it and have never had any issues.

It doesn’t make my coop too hot which I really like, because I don’t want my chickens to feel “in shock” when they head out of their coops for the day after being in their warm cozy coop all night.

I do have some Silkie and Cochin bantam chickens which aren’t so cold friendly so they actually tend to hangout inside of their coop all winter long because they love them so much. My Cochin chicken, Turbo, actually will perch on top of the coop heater!

There’s two different options on the control panel so you can decide which temperature you feel most comfortable with.

Since my coop for my bantam chickens is smaller, I keep the setting on low, as I don’t want it to get too warm inside, but as for my large coop with my bigger chickens I keep the setting on high to assure the entire coop can stay at a comfortable level.

Do You Really Need A Heat Lamp?

Now this can, and has been a debate for some time now between chicken owners.

Whether or not you really need a chicken heater or not, I personally like to use them. I do understand that there is that chance of a power outage where your coop could lose heat, which could potentially shock your chickens.

I however do not feel that I receive enough power outages, and that are actually long enough to where I would need to worry about that, and I also would rather take that small risk, rather than having my chickens uncomfortable at night.

My larger chickens tend to be a lot better with the cold, It’s just my bantam chickens, specifically my Silkies that I feel a heat source in the winter is very important for them. Safe Chicken Coop Heaters

I have tried some different “organic” heat sources for my coops, and I feel some did work better than others, such as the deep litter method, but it was not enough for my bantam chickens as I would still find them huddled up together shivering. My coops are very well-built and ventilated, so where it wasn’t too drafty, they’re just little and can’t keep in their body heat as well as other chickens because of the way their feathers are.

Now Keep in mind, some Silkies are more cold hardy than others. Mine however seen to be not so much. I actually rescued my Silkies from a very harsh environment, where they weren’t being properly cared for. I came in and took as many that I know I could save, nursed them back to health, and now they’re happy as ever!

If my power were to ever go out, I do have a few backup generators that can help keep the heaters running as they do not use a lot of power.


I always recommend doing whatever you feel most comfortable with.

I believe that everyone has their own decisions and opinions on things, so whether or not you decide to heat your coop or not is entirely up to you.

Like I said prior I do really like to heat mine just for the peace of mind that my girls are out there warm and cozy.

I do not like to use the tradition heat lamps as I just don’t feel as comfortable with them, especially since there are more, safer options out there. I must say too, my girls love to stretch and flap their wings in their coop… not ideal for a heat lamp to be right above that!

I’ve found some really great success with the Cozy Products CL Safe Chicken Coop Heater, and most importantly, my girls adore it!

Have you tried any type of heat sources for your coop that you really like?

Safe chicken coop heaters

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