DIY Home Projects – Make Your Doors Into “Expensive Wood Look Doors” Minus The Expensive Part!

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This project I’m super excited to tell you about!

I LOVE the look of those dark wood doors that are usually very expensive… you know what one’s I’m talking about right?

So, anyways I wanted those in my home, but I did not want to spend so much money on them, especially since I wanted to do all the doors in my house like that… now that would be a pretty penny!

I took it upon myself to find a way to make them look like that, without spending so much money.

Preparation For DIY Wood Look Doors

So the supplies you need are all pretty easy to get, paint, sealer, angle brushes, and blue tape. Easy enough right?

What you’ll need:

  • True Penny by Sherwin Williams
  • Terra Brun by Sherwin Williams
  • Black Bean by Sherwin Williams
  • Angled paint brush, these run anywhere from $5-$20 depending on the brand and size you use.
  • Blue Painters Tape, depending on the width anywhere from $3-$6 per roll. I needed three rolls for all of my doors.
  • Paint Cup (These are awesome because they have a little handle on it and are small enough to carry around so you don’t get paint everywhere! They run about $2-$5)
  • Paint Sealer

The total cost I paid was $130 for everything, Lowe’s was having a deal on paint so I got mine for a discount rate! Be sure to check their website and sign up for emails to see if you can get a discount too!

Make sure while you’re at Lowe’s you grab some stirring sticks, and also a paint can opener! Lowe’s offers these at the paint counter for free.

TIP: You want to find a quality brush or else you run the risk of brush bristles coming off onto your wet paint while you’re trying to pain your doors, then you have to try to pick them off… no fun! I got my brush from Lowe’s, I got two different sizes, one large, and one small so I can use the large for the larger parts of the doors, and the smaller one for the door trim and smaller areas of the doors!

Prepping Your Doors

One thing I cannot express more is to make sure your doors are completely clean before you start, any bumps or anything can make your doors not look as smooth.

Step One: Clean your doors!

Step Two: Oh my this part can be a tad scary! You are going to paint your entire door the True Penny color, this color is orange, so yes, your door is going to be ORANGE! It may look and sound a little scary but it’s okay because it will get covered up!

You want to make sure you cover the entire door in the True Penny color because this is going to be your base, you’re going to have a little if this show through at the final stage, so be sure to not have any white showing because you do not want any white to end up showing through when your doors are fully finished.

Step Three: After you painted the door the True Penny color, and it’s completely dry (mine took about 20 minutes to dry), look at the direction the wood on your doors are and place the tape around the edges.

Try to find all the panels that the grain goes horizontal for example, and tape the edges. Doing this can make the process faster and easier, you can see the picture below for example.

The reason you want to do this is because you’re going to want to paint the doors in the direction the wood is, you want it to look like someone “built” the doors out of real wood, rather then someone just painted the doors to look like wood after they were built, who does that?? 🙂

DIY Home Projects


As you can see, all the spots that are taped all have a horizontal grain to it, so I will paint all of these horizontal.

Step Four: Open your Terra Brun paint and make sure you mix it good with your stirring stick, now take your brush and paint with the brush “sideways”. Be sure you have enough pain to cover, but not a lot of paint as you’re going to have to brush down hard to get some under True Penny color to come through.

DIY Home Projects

Paint all the panels that way until they’re all covered with some under color coming through.

DIY Home Products

Step Five: Now that you have the door covered in the Terra Brun you want to let it dry, and then start the coverage in the final color, Black Bean.

Brush this the same way as you did before, and make sure when you cover the Terra Brun with the Black Bean you press hard while you paint to allow the two under colors to come through. DIY Home Projetcs

You can see here the color difference between the two colors.

Step Six: All of your un-taped panels should be fully painted now, be sure they all have the three color streaks in them and make sure you like how much or how little there are. If your streaks aren’t coming though you’re not pressing hard enough.

For step six you’re going to take all the tape off, make sure the paint is completely dry, then do all the steps over again.

*Be sure to paint in the direction the grain is*


DIY Home Projects


It looks really dark in this picture because of the lighting, they are actually lighter.

Step Seven: The final step is to take all the tape off, and apply your clear coat!

DIY Home Projects

Here if the finish product! They’re the dark rich brown color, but with the beautiful colors coming in from underneath giving in that “Expensive Wood Door” look!

Taking this picture, I realized you can see the white in the inside of the door because of the door sliders, which I will also paint dark brown so it doesn’t look like I “missed a spot”! 🙂


If you decide to do this project I’d love to hear about how yours came out!

Also, be sure to ask any questions you may have about this project! When I first started, I wasn’t apply enough paint, and wasn’t pressing hard enough so I wasn’t getting the color streak through you need to achieve the wood look. So don’t give up if it’s not coming out right at first! Just try again 🙂

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