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Baby Cows – A Calf Is Born

Today was a very exciting day.

Today a calf was born, a sweet baby boy! Just about the cutest darn thing you can see, wobbly and all! There is now a new “Miniature Dexter Cattle” in the world!

First Time Mama

It’s always amazing when a new life is presented to this world. It’s beautiful, messy, and heart-warming.

There’s a local ranch I intern at, and we’ve been waiting for a first time mama (a heifer is a cow who has yet to have any calves yet) to have her baby, and when I say have her baby, I mean possible babies! She was absolutely huge!

Watching her as close as everyone could, she was expected any day now.

Heifer’s can be a little scary when they’re about to have their first baby. Unfortunately, sometimes they will stop pushing and the baby can get stuck, not because the mama is meaning too of course, simply because she is just inexperienced and labor is tough!

Resulting, if this does happen, it is really important for someone to be there to help assist in the birth, sometimes having to help mama out and pull the baby out.

Seeing The Baby

Night fell and everyone decided to head off to bed. I was waiting hand and foot on a text or call saying mama is in labor and it’s go time, as I just knew she was due any day now!

Saturday morning came and I texted early morning to see if there was any updates, Janet (the ranch owner) goes to check outside to see how mama was doing…

She finds the placenta… she finds Cherokee (mama)… then, the closer she got to Cherokee… THERE IS THE CALF!

A sweet baby boy!!

Sweeter than ever, and healthy as ever! baby cows

Cherokee, has successfully birthed her first baby, VERY first thing in the morning, all by herself! So much to be excited about, and we couldn’t have felt anymore proud of her! Cherokee is no longer a heifer, she is now a cow!


Of course, as soon as I heard the news I had to head over to see this sweet boy. Janet told me he was small, but a part of me thought, “he couldn’t be THAT small, I mean Cherokee was so big!

Arriving, I go to see him and there he was, about the size of a medium size dog.

She was absolutely right, he was TINY! But, so sweet! He has the silkiest black fur, and amazing blue eyes… I must say, a real charmer!

Watching a calf if always an amazing sight, they’re so new to the world, so free, and so curious.

He was chasing his mama’s tail, while trying so hard to run! Wobbling around being so silly, loving his new life in this world.

Of course, all the other cow’s had to come check him out too, the other calves trying to play already with him, the excitement of a new friend!

Mama’s Just Need Some Bonding Time

After we got all of our amazing sights on this new little man we knew it was time to give Cherokee and her new boy some space.

It’s always important to give new mom’s their space, but especially important for new mom’s as they don’t always know what to do. I mean, they are a brand new mom!Baby Cows

Walking away, we of course couldn’t help but to keep looking back at those two.

You could just see the excitement Cherokee was having, so much love she had for her new calf. Cleaning him, snuggling him, nursing him, and she would just get up and stare at him… with so much love!

The Meaning Of Life

Life is magical, and life is a blessing.

Like I said prior, it’s absolutely beautiful to see a new life brought into this world. We may have missed the actual birth of this new calf, but we sure didn’t miss the love we got to see of a new mom!

As, I’m writing this, actually from the previous sentence till now, I actually was away for a little because I was checking on my new chicks.

Sadly to see one has passed.

This shows that life is unexpected. We did not know Cherokee would have her baby at the crack of dawn, and I did not expect to check my chicks and to see one has passed onto chick heaven.

Life isn’t always measured in things, items, or what. It’s measured in the amount of times we get to laugh and smile, cry, love, forgive, and most importantly love who we are and to come to peace with ourselves.

It took me a while to find happiness in myself, but I find happiness in animals. In ranching, farming, motherhood, the little things in life that are measured more in moments you simply can never forget.

Seeing that new calf today is heartwarming.

Starting my day seeing a new life, and ending my day burying a little chick who only made it to 3 days old. Life changes, in the matter of seconds. Love often, and life fully.

Now, keep in mind that is just something that does often happen with chicks. Only a select few do make it to adulthood.

My words of advice are,Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize those were the big things


February 24, 2019 at 8:23 am

It is an amazing experience I grew up on a horse farm and have seen a few babies from many different animals. Messy is a good word for it but to watch them grow is a true treasure supplied by this world we live in.

Thanks for the article and have fun raising that little one!


    February 25, 2019 at 12:24 am

    You are absolutely right, it’s an amazing site to see and go through!
    That must have been a lot of fun for you growing up on a horse farm.
    Thank you so much!

February 24, 2019 at 10:39 am

Hi Anna,
this is awesome, such a “feel good, makes me happy ” post, I hope mama and baby are doing really well
A great website.

February 24, 2019 at 11:48 am

The new baby calf is sooooo cute! I never knew a cow was called a heifer until they have calves and a cow afterwards. You learn something new everyday.

So I know absolutely nothing about cows and calves, and I have a question. Will the baby’s eyes stay blue or do they change to a different color as he gets older like other animals and humans?

    February 25, 2019 at 12:22 am

    Thank you, I agree he is just a gem! Such a sweetie.
    I’m so glad I could help you learn something new!
    So his eyes will more than likely turn brown, BUT on a very rare occasion they could potentially stay blue 🙂

February 24, 2019 at 11:49 am

What a lovely post,i am a countryside lady so i know the happiness being there.

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